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Projects 2019
  1. Donated immediate food relief to the Chepang people
  2. Issued blankets, food, landslide relief to Gulmi
Projects 2018
  1. Lake Rara clean up and distribution of waste bins
  2. Health Camp held in Sinju near Jumla
  3. Computer library built in Ashok, Jumla
  4. Donate flood relief food, clothing to the people of Saptari
  5. Along with LPS of USA completed building school and library in Rasuwa
  6.  With the help of the Merseyside Scouts Ashrang 5 school was completed
Projects 2017
  1. To assist Naya Bihani a local charity supporting abandoned, abused wives and children
  2. Continue support to Ashrang
  3. Continue support to HIV charity
  4. Continue sponsorship of selected children
  5. Continue to supply medical assistance to the Health Post
Projects 2008 – 2016

During the visit in May 2007 and a subsequent visit on October 2007 a five year action plan was implemented. The following tasks are planned:

  1. Refurbishment of the Secondary and Primary schools of Ashrang including the building of a 3rd storey and complete renovation of the ground floor classrooms. – completed 
  2. Supply of fresh water to all schools and homes – completed
  3. The supply of electricity– completed
  4. Build a complete new toilet block – completed
  5. Employ a total of 10 new teachers – completed
  6. The building of a 7 bedded health post and supply of equipment – completed
  7. To ensure all children have the opportunity to attend school by funding all costs
  8. Explore the possibility of providing running water – completed
  9. The manufacture of classroom equipment – completed
  10. To build and equip a library and computer room – completed
  11. To continue to provide educational sponsorship of the children of CEN
  12. To sponsor 5 medical students – completed
  13. To provide sponsorship to older school children for teacher training – completed
  14. To supply school equipment and stationery
  15. To supply bedding, solar panels, carpets and assistance to a charity supporting children infected with HIV
  16. The establishment of a company to sell bricks to help fund Ashrang 5

Due to the earthquakes in 2015 further projects were started and completed

  1. To assist with the emergency relief of suffering
  2. To supply emergency shelters
  3. To assist with the rebuilding of Ashrang 1, 6 and 9
  4. To assist with the building of an incinerator and staff room of Ashrang 6
  5. To re-secure the buildings of Ashrang 6
  6. Purchase of solar panels
Projects October 2007

A further visit to Nepal was undertaken to reassure the school governors and villagers of Ashrang that the UK charity was being established and future help was planned. The small team also saw at first hand the progress made already by witnessing the complete renovation of one classroom and saw the local builders working hard making new classroom benches and tables. This was made possible by donations from raffles held prior to this visit.

Projects May 2007

Twelve interested volunteers travelled to Kathmandu on the 3rd May 2007 for a nine day visit. After experiencing the culture and religious diversity of Kathmandu and visiting the children of CEN, they embarked upon a long and arduous trip to the village of Ashrang, some two and a half hours off road from the nearby town of Ghorka, ancestral home of the British Army Ghurkas. The visit started with a welcome by over a thousand villagers and schoolchildren. The mission culminated in an undertaking by the team to try and establish a UK charity to provide direct help to CEN.

Projects September 2006

During September 2006, two of the CENUK trustees visited Nepal and were introduced to Mr Sagar Pandey, Chairman of Child Environment Nepal (CEN), Kathmandu. CEN is a registered Nepalese Charity (1122259) and is a non-government, non-profit organisation (NGO). After many hours of discussions and visiting the children of CEN, the trustees asked how they could possibly help the children of CEN and in particular, support their education. A promise was made that during 2007, the trustees would return, accompanied by friends and colleagues to explore the needs of the children of Ashrang Village, Ghorka in addition to re-visiting the children of CEN.