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Participating in a Medical Elective in a developing country offers a unique opportunity to encounter medical techniques and illnesses rarely seen in the UK. Working within a limited-resource environment challenges you to become more innovative and seek creative solutions to medical issues. Often, cases are more advanced due to patients' inability to afford initial treatment.

During your elective, you'll have the privilege of learning alongside skilled local healthcare professionals who will share their expertise and provide insights into healthcare challenges specific to your host country. Additionally, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and live with a host family, enriching your overall experience.

While it may be challenging, this experience is highly rewarding. It allows you to broaden your horizons and acquire medical expertise during your placement in Nepal. This experience can be tailored to align with your interests and requirements, equipping you with valuable skills and a deeper understanding of global medical issues as you embark on your future healthcare career.

Types of Electives Available

Projects Abroad offers seven different elective placements for university students:

You have the flexibility to specify the department in which you'd like to work. For instance, nursing students can choose between adult or child nursing, while medical students can explore various options such as A&E, Orthopaedics, or Obstetrics. Some students may prefer to rotate among different departments. When you apply, please inform us of your preference.

We excel in arranging placements that align with your requirements and offer a comprehensive and fulfilling experience in the host country. Unlike other providers, our electives are available in numerous locations throughout Nepal, providing you with a diverse array of exciting options.

We take care of your accommodation, meals, insurance, and transportation to and from your placement if needed. You will be under the guidance of experienced medical professionals at your placement, whether it's a hospital, clinic, or practice specializing in your chosen field. Furthermore, we provide robust pre-departure preparation and offer 24/7 in-country support to ensure your time abroad proceeds as smoothly as possible.