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Our Social Work Internships offer student social workers a unique opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings throughout various locations in Nepal. During your internship, you will collaborate with experienced local professionals who provide essential services and support to individuals grappling with social challenges within their communities. This exposure will bring you face-to-face with complex issues, including domestic violence, alcoholism, child abuse, and family-related concerns.

As a student social worker, you can fulfill your university requirements by completing an internship in a developing country, a valuable experience that offers you the chance to be supervised by a professional social worker or psychologist. Your time will be dedicated to observation, assistance, and gaining practical, hands-on experience.

Interning in Social Work with Projects Abroad

We have established partnerships with local care centers, hospitals, schools, and organizations across Nepal. Through collaboration and resource sharing, we place social work interns in projects where both students and placements benefit significantly from this meaningful engagement.

At each project and placement, we work towards achieving long-term objectives:

As a social work intern, your contribution will play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our goals and create a lasting, measurable, and positive impact in each country we operate in.