Child Education Nepal UK charity was officially registered as a charity in January 2007 under registration number 1122259. It’s purpose is to:

.. advance the education of the children & young people of Nepal….in particular,through the building of Schools and other educational facilities & the provision of educational material, tutors, scholarships & other grants….and finally, the relief of young people who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress”

The children of Nepal are amongst the poorest in the world. Working in the remote villages of Ashrang, Rasuwa, Palpa, Gulmi, Saptari and many othes in the Himalayas, CENUK is committed to supporting the children who live there and ensuring that each one has the opportunity to attend school as we believe the only true way out of poverty is through education.

Nepal is rated in the world top 10 for poorest countries.  This is not down to war or lack of effort but purely to the lack of resources.  Nepal is however, one of the UK’s closest allies due to the connection with the Ghurkhas, hence the reason for CENUK working  in the district of Gorkha for the education and health of children.


CENUK is committed to provide a healthier environment for the children of Nepal, predominately Ashrang, and surrounding districts therefore promoting education with some success.  To facilitate this environment, specific projects are being funded:

  1. Refurbish and build secondary schools
  2. Build and support orphanages
  1.   Resupply or water and electricity
  2.   Provide Health Camps to remote areas
  3.   Required emergency aid
  4.   Direct educational sponsorship


In April and May 2015 Nepal was badly affected by two large earthquakes, there were many fatalities, many families were left homeless but it also destroyed the district primary schools and the effect are still being felt today.

CENUK is a small family run charity, fully registered and accountable, We are proud that evey cent, penny, rupee donated goes to where it should, we take no administration costs. To ensure money goes directly to affected areas, children we work along side a Nepal registered Non Government Organsition Child Education Nepal (CEN).

Children are the future and CENUK aims, through educational sponsorship and medical assistance, to give them the chance to improve their lives.

Education is the only true way out of poverty.